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Sex Therapy

Same Sex Male Couple Sex Therapy
sex therapy for individuals and couples supporting intimacy

Find the 
Feel the

Let's face it-- sex is complicated. Sex therapy can help you to feel more comfortable talking about sexuality and intimacy, and support you in working through barriers that create distance and discontent. If you are struggling with pain, arousal issues, intimacy anxiety, religious trauma, physiological difficulties, intimacy issues after major life changes, concerns related to illness or aging, or are just interested in spicing up your love life, Wellstone Center for Love & Relationships is here to help.


We provide a sex-positive, body-positive, identity-affirming environment where you will be safe to explore your feelings and work toward the love you deserve. Wellstone Center welcomes LGBTQIA+ couples, individuals in polyamorous and non-traditional relationship structures, and all others!


Intimacy is key to healthy and happy adult relationships.-- at every age, at every size, at every stage-- revitalize passion and create lasting and fulfilling intimacy-- start today! 

Initial Intake

50 Minutes


Therapy Session

50 Minutes


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