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2-Day Couple Marathon

Couple Marathon Therapy
Couple Marathon Therapy Never Stop Loving

Transform your relationship 
in 2 days. 

Are you in the midst of making

a major life decision,

on the precipice of a separation,

or simply strapped for time? 

Marathon Couple Therapy might be

the right choice for you!


Marathon therapy is a research-based intensive couple treatment modality founded by the Gottman Institute to help couples resolve issues fast and get back to the relationship they love. In this two-day intensive program, you and your partner will work with a licensed therapist and dive deep into the challenges existing in your relationship-- you will build connection, begin to heal wounds, resolve underlying issues, and practice new ways of being together.


Marathon therapy is also great for couples who are looking at taking the next step in their relationship journey... whether that's moving in together, getting married, family planning, or sailing into retirement, a marathon program can help you to maximize alignment, strengthen connection, and create a relationship you love. 

Your therapist will create an individualized plan with you and your partner which includes evidence-based techniques from the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Sex Therapy, and other modalities. Your journey will start with a comprehensive relationship assessment, including completion of the Gottman Relationship Checkup which will give you core insights on the inner workings of your love and relationships. You will leave with a full report on your relationship status, and through the course of therapy, receive a myriad of tools, resources, and exercises that you can take with you and incorporate into daily life. Your therapist will guide you with proven techniques and couple activities that will help you to build a relationship you love. 

Why choose Marathon Couple Therapy? 

Traditional couple therapy can take 3-6 months of weekly sessions to start getting results. Marathon Therapy allows couples to dive right in and address things quickly and directly. In some studies, this modality has been found to be more effective than traditional therapy. This can save you time and heartache, and help you and your partner get off to a good start or get back on track in the course of a weekend.

Marathon Therapy is perfect for couples who have busy work schedules and little time for protracted weekly programs, those preparing to launch into a new phase in their relationship, those who are facing crises such as an affair or imminent divorce,  and those who want to jumpstart their partnership and get back to the relationship they love. 

Marathon Couple Therapy consists of two-days of intensive couple work, with approximately 7.5 hours of programming each day (including lunch & breaks). Programming is provided on tele-health, so you can meet your goals in the comfort of your own home. 

If you need answers or relief now, don't hesitate-- book your Couple Marathon today! Contact us for availability. 

2-Day Couple Marathon

15 Hours


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