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Discernment Counseling

Discernment counseling breakup
Discernment counseling heartbreak break up process

Love is hard-uncover
your best path.

Relationships are hard, and sometimes it's important to know when to let go. Discernment counseling can help you reflect on your current situation, explore your goals and options, and transition successfully if letting go is the right thing for you.

Discernment counseling benefits partners who are unsure whether they want to remain in their current relationship. It usually entails 1-5 counseling sessions, where the therapist will guide you in understanding your options and finding the right path. You will leave with confidence and clarity around next steps in your relationship, and if you and your partner opt to move toward relationship dissolution, you will have the support and guidance needed to make the transition successfully. 

Discernment counseling is often a good choice if there has been an affair or major relationship rupture, if there has been a major life change that has put the relationship in question, if there are children or other complicated factors impacting your relational decisions, or if one or both partners are unsure whether they want to move toward relationship dissolution. 

Choosing whether to stay or leave a relationship is a complicated choice. Let Wellstone Center for Love & Relationships support you in this critical time of your life. 

Discernment Counseling
Intake Appointment

50 Minutes


Discernment Counseling

50 Minutes


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